Saturday, December 18, 2004

I'm not sure if it's the elections, the suicide of Gary Webb, the hectic pace of our times or I'm suffering from a bad case of the grumps but I haven't been in the holiday spirit this year. The energy has felt flat this season and I haven't seen anything to give me a little seasonal cheer. Something wrong when the heart tugging story of the season is Scott Petterson getting the death penalty.

Well one way to get the spirit of the season is to give- maybe I need to look beyond myself and see what I can find.

Friday evening I went to the Yerba Buena Center of the Arts to see the third and final film in the series Nigerian Cinema Revolution presents The Video films of Tunde Kelani. The featured film was Agogo Eewo (Gong of Taboo). I have to admit this series was a kick, seeing Nigerian videos made for an African audience was fascinating. Tunde Kelani works are a good introduction to the genre. His films are low budget but he knows cinema; there are wonderful visual touches throughout his films. His films show concern about problems in Africa yet bring out the beauty of the people and their culture.

While on my search for a Merry X-Mass I'm checking how we decorate this City for the holidays. First stop, in praise of X-Mass capitalism Union Square

A Snow flake covered SAKS Fifth Ave
Union Square ok it's really flakey

Monolith Cheer from Macys with a touch
of imperfection

Just in case you desired a closeup

A shot from Union Square with X-Mass tree
for your viewing pleasure.


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