Monday, November 08, 2004

What's a self respecting San Franciscan to do the Saturday after another dismal election? Find the "choir to preach to" so the world doesn't look so mean, I headed over to the GreenFestival, a two day mega convention showcasting green-progressive consumer products, activism, and education. The event was crowed, interesting and fun, I tasted my first soy chocolate - hate to be wrong but yuck! I'm down for supporting free-trade chocolate and products but leave the soy chocolate at home. The soy milk is ok,. The convention featured speakers, I had planned to hear Dennis Kucinich but a scheduling conflict with sleep made me unavailable.

There were many products I wasn't familiar with like green burials, you're buried without embalming fluid, casket or head stone but with a GPS device to allow family members find your resting remains.

After the festival, I went to Cafe Soma, a South of Market cafe and meet a friend we strolled downtown, hopped on Muni, the 30 Stockton and went to Chinatown for dinner and book shopping for North Beach. Now, this was all very cool except I had planned to take a nap because I was meeting another friend a see a Midnight movie.

I didn't get my nap but I made it home changed and was ready to walk to the Bridge Theatre to experience the PURPLE RAIN SING-A-LONG. We left around 10:45, it's a good 30 - 40 minute walk and when we arrived at The Bridge there was already a line around the block. People were playing Prince songs from cars and dancing in line. This was before we even entered the theatre. The show was sold-out and we haven't purchased our tickets. Well, the Purple Prince was giving us blessings that night we got one ticket free and buying a second one was easy - we got our tics and made the show.

Inside people were partying in the isles, I tried to take some pictures but my cheapie camera doesn't work well in the dark. Around midnight the host of the night Peaches Christ and friends did a selection of Prince inspired skits. They were campy and well done the audience loved it. Afterward Purple Rain hit the screen now 20 years old, watching a 80's club film dates me but listening to Prince's songs, I was struck how they're still sound good.

Watching a midnight movie is the one film experience where heckling is expected (if you're funny). There was singing, heckling and cheering for his Purpleship.

Afterward, we walked home safely, we took back the night. It was great to feel comfortable walking home, the Richmond is a safe neighborhood but I wouldn't try it too much.

pics soon .....I hope


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