Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Sunday I was under the weather, maybe it was the soy chocolate, organic wine or possibly MSG in my dinner but when I woke up my head felt like it was recovering from a hangover. Headaches for me are rare but it lasted the whole day.

That evening, I went to the San Francisco Jazz Festival's Fats Waller 100th Birthday Celebration. The SFJazz Festival is the premiere group presenting Jazz Headliners in San Francisco. The organization uses several venues in the City, this program was at Davies Symphony Hall which is very good because the acoustics are wonderful .

Stride Piano and Ruth Brown are what brought me to the concert, I saw Ruth Brown several years ago and I was hoping for a chance to see her again. She won't be singing her hits tonight but seeing her perform is a treat.

I've been reading a little about Stride Piano players and curiosity about the performance drew me in. I was hoping to see some exciting Stride playing but there wasn't any showboating that night. There were three wonderful musicians, Dick Hyman, Mike Lipskin, and Jay McShann. Seeing and hearing Jay McShann , 9o year old play the piano was inspirational.

The concert was a presentation of Fat Waller's compositions Ain't Misbehavin, Honeysucker Rose, and The Joint Is Jumpin to name a few. The evening included video clips of Fat Waller and I couldn't help but notice how the images of Black culture haven't changed. Girls dancing wildly, men drinking booze and being frisked for weapons some things don't change. Our marketing has hasn't changed one bit.

In second half of the program Ruth Brown accompanied the musicians singing more Wallers songs.

A few pics below- of the evening.

Davies Symphony Hall (inside - during intermission) I almost got kicked out for taking this pic. It's hard to believe you can't a take picture during intermission .... but a usher who wasn't very cordial informed me very sternly.

Davies Symphony Hall at night


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