Sunday, November 14, 2004

Saturday in San Francisco felt like spring, it was actually sunny and for San Francisco standards warm. I had plannned to go downtown to checkout a condo available under the city's limited equity program and do a few chores. I ended up staying out the whole day, getting a few things done but primarily enjoying the sun and walking the town.

After viewing the Condo, I walked to the Embarcadero. I took this shot while walking under the Bay Bridge. The palm trees feel false to me in the City, they're the classic symbol of a tourist spot.

The work horse of the Bay Area: The Bay Bridge

Walking to the Ferry Building - one of my favority public art pieces
the giant bow and arrow "Cupid Span". The Ferry building is in the background.

After another stop at the Main Library in Civic Center - (sorry no pics) I made my way to the westside of the city, hooked up with a friend and we headed to Baker Beach.

Baker's beach is located in the Presidio, it has views of the Golden Gate Bridge and the crowd is usually more mellow than Ocean Beach. It's a nice place to hang. The vibe was very nice that evening, the fog didn't roll and folks were out on the beach enjoying the sunset. It's getting dark so I'm going to head home. My feet are a little tired - but I'm feeling good.


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