Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Monday might was a bust theatre-wise. We arrived at a closed and dark theatre, the play had ended last week. Oh well, mis-read the website. How embarassing and disppointing, hopefully I'll get another chance to see 69 Tales.

Trying to make amends I suggested we find a place for a drink. We ended up at the Tunnel Top at hip comfortable bar on Bush Street. The Tunnel Top is located near the Stockton Tunnel and sits above The Green Door Massage Palor.

The bars is my kind of dive, no-cover, friendly service, reasonable priced drinks, DJ spinning music even on a Monday night. No theatre but good conversation and music is always a pleasure.

Inside the Tunnel Top

The Tunnel - Let's just say it was a little unclean - you can skip the Tunnel go straight to the TOP


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