Sunday, November 21, 2004

Friday evening was looking like a very quiet evening. I was planning to take in a movie probably Brother to Brother which is showing at the Lumiere Theatre. But around 5:00 Pm I received a call from a friend who had several events on her plate and wanted to see if I was interested. We ended up at the Berkeley Black Group it's a Black Theatre group in Berkeley where we saw a play written and produced by Ishmael Reed, "Who's who in the Touch Love Game." It's a piece about four Black Republicans who work for a Right Wing Think Tank with a philosophy similar to the Heritage Foundation or Manhattan Institute. Their institute is planning to downsize and they only need one Negro to promote their ideology about race, who will survive? The most humorous character is Wad Connerly an obvious play on Ward Connerly our beloved unfavorite negro opportunist. Connerly is portrayed as an illiterate, money grubbing slob whose sly like a fox.

The play's writing was very rough and the production really wasn't ready for prime time but it was enjoyable. The Berkeley Black Group Theatre was spacious and they didn't mind if you brought food inside. It gave the place a very community theatre feel.

Afterward we went to Ashkenaz, a Berkeley dance club, and saw Maria De Barros the God daughter of Cesaria Evora the barefoot diva of Cape Verde.
The dance concert was nice De Barros music is an interesting mixture of African, Latin, and Cape Verdean sounds. This was the second time saw her this year. This concert was more enjoyable because I didn't spend the evening comparing her to Cesaria but enjoyed her sound and style. We weren't pulling any guys that night but we had fun dancing. Ashkenaz is a great place to go and dance the evening away.


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