Wednesday, November 03, 2004

All Saints Day, Dia de Los Muertos, and Election Day 2004. I have to admit positive energy wasn't in the air today. Maybe San Francisco was collectively holding it breath. Possibly my own skeptic feelings were dragging me down. Whatever the season, I felt nervous after I voted and the feeling became more intense even before I started watching the news. Because of the election I decided to skip school tonight, I knew I wouldn't be able to focus on Jazz.

Since this evening was Dia De Los Muertos I went out with a friend to see the procession and altars in the Mission District. The crowd was smaller than usual but lively. In San Francisco Dia De Los Muertos is a Euro adult/family activity, few Mission Latinos participate in the procession. However, the dancers, vendors an artists are more diverse.

Below are a few pictures from the evening

Celebrators the dancing dead

Aztec-est Altar Dia De Los Muertos

Altar San Francisco Dia de los Muertos

After viewing the altars and processions we headed over a friend's house. I was hoping this would be a pit stop, I wanted to check out a few political parties or maybe visit the Castro, there was supposed to be a giant screen on 18th Street. But we didn't make it, my compatriots seemed satisfied to eat junk food, watch some cable political satire and mumble some political hyperbole about Kerry's last minute win.

It was a little sad. Dia de los Muertos was quite appropriate.


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