Sunday, September 05, 2004

Three day weekend, everyone seemed to have left work early except me. I was working in my cubicle stood up and the surrounding cubes were empty. Just me and my computers and I had another office I had to visit. It was 4:00 PM, I needed some gas in my motor.

I was planning to hangout after work at Fillmore Friday's, listen to music and nosh with friends. The Fillmore District was historically an African-American neighborhood during the 1940-1960, known for it's Jazz Clubs. The neighborhood had a negro removal program (Urban renewal) during the 1960's now it's gentrifying but still has some remnants of the old community. There is talk about creating a Jazz District in the Fillmore but at this point it's a long term redevelopment plan.

I meet my buddies, we socialized and listened to the music. The band and scene was pleasant, it wasn't very crowded but the event had a community vibe. What's nice about hanging out in Fillmore is the neighborhood draw soul folks from around the bay area. There's a good chance you'll see someone you know. After checking out the band we walked a few yards to Rasselas Jazz Club Rasselas is the best R & B dance club in San Francisco. The crowd is older, mixed but predominately African-American. Rasselas is an Ethiopian Restaurant and club so you can have dinner, happy hour on Friday includes free snacks and before the bands being you can enter without paying a cover.

Rasselas had two bands on Friday night both were good, they played a combination of blues, jazz and R&B Standards. Folks were friendly, the people were moving and groovin to the beat and generally having a good time.

Afterward we headed down Fillmore Street looking for another club, bar, or restaurant. Fillmore Street goes through transformations as you walk North through different San Francisco neighborhoods to the San Francisco Bay. It's a long walk and we didn't trek to the Marina District, so we ended up in an questionable Korean Bar in Japantown. The jukebox was good and they gave us plenty of peanuts to munch on. The drinks were sky high but we found a booth and talked the evening away.


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