Saturday, September 11, 2004

September in Los Angeles, this month I always go to LA for my annual trek to Pomona for the Los Angeles County Fair. I flew in Thursday night, hoping to get my hair braided on Friday morning but no success. I'm sick of this perm, wish I could find a good beautician in the Bay Area but I'm looking in LA. I've been searching for 15 years. When I say good I mean someone who has pride of work and will make recommendations for my hair other than perm and cut off.

Anyway, I picked up my sister from work with my niece in tow and drove in LA traffic to the fair. We took a different route this year trying our best to avoid traffic and exit off Interstate 210 on Foothill Blvd. which is part of Historical Route 66. We missed our turn to the Fairplex and had a chance to explore parts of LA we've never seen before. Friday at the fair was opening day and dollar day it was crowded but bearable, the crowd was predominately Latino with a sprinkle of Soul folks and smaller sprinkles of everyone else. It was definitely a crowd of color.

My biggest disappointment was WAR's concert was sold out. The fair had changed their ticket policy for concerts. Previously the majority of seats were free and paid tickets where for VIP seating. Now the majority of tickets are sold with only a hand full of freebies. Another injustice against the frugals of the world.

The Midway at the LA County Fair

The LA Fair is really large and you can't hope to see the whole thing in one day. Friday we hung out on the Midway, my sister rode the roller coaster with my niece. She's three and rode the coaster like a pro. Afterward we went to the Garden exhibits, the outdoor portion the Enchanted Gardens was decorated with hanging lights and pinatas it was charming. Bands were everywhere my favorite was the Santana tribute Band Savor. We had a nice day/evening at the fair and since we barely made a dent in seeing the sites we planned to return on Saturday.


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