Monday, September 06, 2004

San Francisco is gorgeous this weekend, we are having the best weather. NO fog in the Richmond District, I woke up looked out the window toward the Golden Gate Bridge and the scenery didn't show a hint of fog or haze. It was crisp, clear, and sunny. My girlfriend was coming down from Sacramento. When she arrived she came with her dog so I needed to find a location that is pooch friendly in the City. Crissy Field was a good choice since she hadn't seen the landscaping and changes since she relocated to Sacramento and dogs are allowed on leaches.

San Franciscans were taken advantages of the new beach front at Crissy Field - the beach was crowded with family and sunbathers. Dogs and children frolic in the water it was really quite and incredible site with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background. A picture would be posted except a friend had my camera this weekend. Crissy Field is a great place to walk it's completely flat, children to seniors can enjoy the shoreline to the Golden Gate Bridge. My girlfriend's dog was a little hyper he wasn't used to the people or dogs and became over simulated. We gave him a good walk enjoyed the sunshine and beautiful views.

Afterward we went to the Richmond District and enjoyed dinner at Greco Romana. Greco Remana is a pleasant Greek and Italian neighborhood restaurant the menu is more Italian than Greek, we had pizza, salad and dolma for dinner. I tasted retsina for the first time, it's a Greek Wine with a woody favor, very interesting. An evening of good conversation, comfort food, warm weather and good friends I ain't complaining.


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