Sunday, September 26, 2004

Oh Boy,
I'm tired it's Sunday evening and I haven't been productive since dinner. Actually, working on the blog has been my most ambiguous endeavor. I spent the day at Coyote Point in San Mateo a bayside recreational area. Coyote Point contains a museum, marina, picnic area, and mini- beach we were at the beach enjoying Bay Area PaddleFest. The Paddle festival allowed want-a-be paddlers like me to try a variety of classes related to kayaking and even try out vendors' kayaks. I took four classes two got in me the water and two exhausted my shoulders practicing the correct paddle technique for Kayaking.

The Festival was my second introduction to kayaking; I find kayaks very elegant, they have a very natural feel something I've never experience in other boats. It's easy to imagine traveling in kayaks hundreds of years ago in the oceans in complete confidence. I was hooked after my first experience in Mendocino.

Afterward we were famish we headed to San Francisco and had early dinner at
Ton Kiang. It's a Dim Sum restaurant in the Richmond District it's a little pricey but the food is very good. There always a line Sunday morning but we were able to walk in and have a pleasant meal in the late afternoon.


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