Monday, September 20, 2004

Monday, Monday.....today was a cool work day I hide, I worked, I produced.

Monday evening It was time for me to integrate an event, got to represent the Soul People so I headed to the Slavonic Cultural Center to see and especially hear the Boban Markovic Orkestar They are a Romani Brass band and these guys were cooking. Their music has so many influences Africa, Brazil, Arabic, Romani, Balkan where to start? I actually think they were playing a riff from Afrika Bambaataa Plant Rock. The Orkestar consisted of French Horns, Tuba, Trumpets, Base Drum, and Timbales. The percussions were absolutely incredible, they had just come from the Monterey Jazz Festival and I was lucky to see them.

I wasn't sure what to expect at the Slavonic Cultural Center, I was afraid that I would see a picture of my old boss who was financially well-off but not the kindest person on the block. To my relief I didn't see a statue honoring her or a mural proclaiming her generosity. What caused these neurotic thoughts, the pain of unjust persecution can run deep.

A course it was a lot of fun, program started with a marriage ceremony re-enactment, a lady spent the evening protecting the cake from all the dancing. It was a very very festive Monday night and without doubt the hippest place in SF.

What was also interesting about the evening was I representing but I wasn't integrating anything it was a mix of people. Romani, Slavic, Asian, Latins, punkers whoever having a great Monday night dancing to the music.

Now a course I'm interested in getting more exposure to Romani music and culture there always something new to learn.


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