Friday, September 17, 2004

It's late Friday morning, should be in bed but I'm jamming to my new Donna Summer CD, The Journey The very Best of Donna Summer. I actually have some of her albums so I'm a fan from the Disco Days but I'm just starting to appreciate the strength and quality of her voice. She's has quite a range and power. Why it took so long for me to appreciate her voice? I can only guess, I was probably focusing on that disco beat, I am a beat freak.

Work was pleasant today, got a few IT things done and participated in the heart walk. A fund raiser for the American Heart Association we walked around Lake Merritt and we celebrated our endeavor with a lunch which included an unhealthy portion of junk food. What made the walk a real workout for me was I started following this older lady in her light blue sweat suit. Man she had a great pace, I had to focus to keep up with her. I was actually sweating after the walk nice workout.

After work I headed over to the Red Vic Movie House to see Godspell. I was humming "Day by Day" all day, I had to see the film. I really didn't remember the movie only the music. Godspell is really a film of its' time with it's hippie aesthetic which was very cool, at least my bias mind thought so. The print the red vic was showing was pretty funky. The film looked faded and scratchy, but the films' music, creativity and fun won out. This definitely isn't The Passion of the Christ.

They had this Christian rock band playing live sets between the showings at the theater. The band looked good and musicians sound pretty good but their song writing and lead singer were kind of weak. The first song they performed main refrain was "Happy Birds are Singing."

Oh well can't have everything all the time.


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