Saturday, September 25, 2004

I'm one tired girlie girl, it's been a full day, started the morning bike riding in Berkeley at the Marina. Afterward, I ran to SBC Park to watch the San Francisco Giants versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. A good friend was able to get bleacher seats in left field, we were right behind Barry Bonds. The Bleachers are my favorite seats in the park. Folks as a general rule are more friendly and lively in the bleachers. I've noticed a little stuffy-ness in more expensive seats in the park. I doubt they're fans just status ticket owners. With rowdy Dodger fans and dancing Giant fans the bleachers are the happening spot.
Mr. Bonds in Left Field

They walked Barry 5 times during the game but the Giants won in the 8th inning with a grand slam. The homerun seemed to float by my eyes. It was a great game, hopefully the Giants will hang on and make the playoff this season.

SBC Stadium on a warm and beautiful day

After victory we walked over to the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero and grabbed some goodies, my favorite Porta Bella mushrooms. They have a farmer market, restaurants, and wine bar at the Ferry Building. I'm becoming a regular vistor of the farmer market at the Ferry Building. Finding fresh mushrooms can be challenging.

Visiting the city? walk the Embarcadero, it's flat, scenic with great views, public art, and attractions. It's one of my favorite strolls in the city, and is a wonderful starting point for visiting Downtown, North Beach Chinatown, Marina, and South of Market are all accessible on foot.

Enjoy folks


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