Saturday, September 18, 2004

I'm enjoying this Saturday, the fog has lifted in the Richmond District, no drab weather obscuring the weekend vibe today. But while my emotions are high my body is feeling a little low. Friday after work I went to Rasselas in the Fillmore District with some friends, we listened to music, boozed and mined the happy hour food spread. The evening was fun but Saturday I woke up with a mild hangover. I'm a light drinker and even of couple of drinks can affect me.

I was able to get up, hop on my bike and make the matinee at the Balboa Theater, The Corporation and Control Room are showing. Both films are very good but I found Control Room documenting Al Jazeera, the Middle-Eastern satellite news network, during the American invasion of Iraq engaging.

It's easy to de-humanize people during these times of colonialism and war. The film gives a human face to the enigmatic organization of Al Jazeera. Control Room introduces us to these people and we get a sense of their perspectives and lives. The film shows Al Jazeera footage of the Iraqi invasion which isn't flattering to America's but these are images seen around the world whether America views them are not.

While watching the film, I couldn't help but think about what has happened in Iraq since major combat has supposely ended. To realize the analysis (or spin)of the America government was less accurate than the analysis of the Al Jazeera news staff is sad but not surprising.

The Iraqi government has banned Al Jazeera from reporting in the county, I would like to hear what Al Jazeera journalists think about the US occupation and the Iraqi transitional government.

The Corporation provides the history of corporations and the issues surrounding them. The film is well done but I am familiar with most of the issues presented in the film except how the 14 Amendment was used to give Corporation the status and protection of an individual. The Amendment purpose was to provide equal protection for black males but Corporations were the big winner.

Unfortunately, watching a double feature didn't cure my body feeling a little low. The Balboa refills for free your large popcorn bucket, after two big buckets of popcorn I wasn't feeling very good again. I needed a salad this time.

This evening I went to the Fringe Festival in San Francisco and saw Some Life performed and written by Mia Paschal. I don't know if the work is autobiographical her piece had a very personal feel, she is a gifted writer. Solo pieces are always such challenges I've always admired the actor who put themselves in this arena.


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