Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Another hot one in San Francisco and I'm just loving it. I'm usually a jeans and tee-shirt girl but I'm wearing summer dresses, where're my hat I want to get Stepford down. Couldn't be a slacker the whole day, I have a Jazz History Class and our required reading is Blues People by Leroy Jones - Amira Baraka. I went to Green Apple Books being a supporter of Independent Books stores especially ones with a good used book selection. Green Apple does have a good selection and the music selection is located their annex. They had 4 copies of Blues People, good for me I bought the book and started to catch up with my assignment.

Afterward, hopped on the bus and headed down to the Ferry Building. One of the San Francisco's landmarks, the building has been revitalized with new yuppie gourmet shops and it's a bit trendy but I like it. I was looking for Fresh Porta Bella mushrooms and apparently others had taken the lead the mushroom guy was sold out. Well, why let a good view go to waste, I strolled the Embarcadero found a seat with a view of the Bay Bridge. I'm still amazed how much the Embarcadero has changed during my residency in San Francisco. It used to be such a dank place with the 480 Freeway blocking the Bay views. With the 1989 earthquake the freeway came down and now the area has SBC baseball park, luxury condos, shops, public art, and landscaping which let's you walk to the SBC Park, Pier 39 or Golden Gate Bridge with wonderful views of the Bay Bridge and the East Bay. Well I just chilled......reading, people watching and feeling the heat.

Some buddies called and they were on westside of the City at the Beach Chalet near Ocean Beach, and I was invited to meet them for drinks. Back on the bus I go and Ocean Beach here I come.

If you visit Ocean Beach on a normal day it's lightly occupied, cool and windy. Sunday was like Southern California the beach was jumping, people were starting bon fires; drummer were jamming it was a complete scene. I met my friends at the Beach Chalet it's a restaurant and brewery on the edge of Golden Gate Park near the beach with ocean views.

The Beach Chalet now have a back patio and that's where found my friends. The patio area accommodations are flexible there is formal dining, patio chairs and many people were sitting on blankets with children and pets in the grass. The at the Beach Chalet we slipped cool mojitos ate pizza and talked about music, politics and general madness.


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