Monday, August 09, 2004

Two hours of sleep and I'm up - don't ask me how. I wasn't very tired which is good because I had a 10:00 AM train to catch. If you don't know Caltrain it's a Bay Area regional rail system. Since my last ride they have refurbished the seats and the ride felt smoother, they may have upgraded the rail. I didn't sleep but it was a comfortable.

Caltrain was a perfect choice for our excursion to San Jose for the San Jose Jazz Festival. The San Jose Jazz festival is the largest free jazz festival on the West Coast and maybe the USA. Three days of music in a variety of venues, indoor and out, headliners and local musicians, street faire food, restaurants, bars and evens museums just a few steps in any direction.

I went with my jazz buddy we listened to many artists and navigated different venues, no reviews too many artists to speak about. One comment the festival mission is to support young jazz artists and one of my favorite activities at the festival is listening to young musicians at the San Jose Tech Museum. It's thrilling to see the children playing the music

We stayed until 8:00 PM grabbed a burger at Johnny Rockets and made the last train to San Francisco....still didn't sleep?

I'll be back next year- one suggestion for the Main Stage bring some lawn chairs mark your territory and get there early.


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