Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Tuesday night, just got home from my History of Jazz Class, I'm hoping to learn about the music that has caught my fancy in the last few years. Unfortunately I started to wear out this evening by the time class was over my head was aching, maybe I was listening to the music way too intensely.

Sunday was a continuation of my movie run, well I can't see the Olympics and TV is really boring me. Sunday afternoon I saw the much criticized Catwoman and in the evening I saw highly praised Maria Full of Grace.

Ok, I do feel that Catwoman was panned more harshly than it deserved. It was on the level of Charlie's Angels II (Full Throttle) that's not a compliment but I was disappointed with that film. How can I pretend a respect a film which contains the lame "Can't Touch this " dance scene and special effects that belong on an old arcade game. Catwoman didn't disappointment me I was expecting a light action movie and that's what was delivered. Unfortunately the special effects team seemed like the same folks from Charlie's Angels. Live action please!!! What's fun about the film is it's subplot of female freedom and finding self versus female acceptance and promotion of the status quo, resentment, anger and eventual insanity? Sharon Stone was one unhappy woman. Also, Halle was fine as Catwoman, I don't know if the film will make enough for a Catwoman II but I wouldn't mind seeing Catwoman again. Maybe they're hire Eartha Kitt for a cameo next time.

Maria Full of Grace was a complete turn and a perfect way to end the movie marathon. This weekend all the films watched had female leads and focused plots, I hadn't planned my weekend this way but choices speak for themselves.

All the films dealt with woman empowering themselves whether it was questionable strength by revenge like Uma Thurman character in Kill Bill, the patriotic, strong yet feminine Woman Warrior Hua Mu Lan, or the freedom seeking, self actualizing, superhuman Catwoman.

Maria full of Grace is a film about woman making incredible harsh decisions for a chance at a better life. Are they the true heroes, those who struggle to change their lot. You'll have to watch the film to make your decision. The performances are good, plot well written.


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