Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Tuesday, haven't had lunch yet and it's a quarter to 4:00 at this point I'll just crawl home and have dinner. I'm not dieting but I'm still thinking about Super-Size Me and today on NPR they had a segment on Obesity tied to Income . To counter this fat attack there was an interesting article In the New York Times "Demonizing Fat in the War on Weight" So, maybe it's an evil plot...but just to be safe I'm cooking tonight.

Over the weekend I made it to Afro-Solo, the program was at the African-American Culture Center in San Francisco, the crowd was small and familiar. There was a healthy amount of artist in the seats. I enjoy solo pieces, what will the individual gives us - a window into their life, rants about an issue, a theatrical performance, poetry or dance? Performance art seems to be out of favor at the moment except for solo theatrical pieces and poetry but I appreciate the artist putting themselves out.


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