Friday, August 27, 2004

Thursday, I'm going out today it's beautiful, September is near and it's time for warm weather around the bay. If you're planning to visit San Francisco come late August, September or October if you like warm weather. I was invited this evening to dinner with some friends and afterward to Yoshi's to hear Eddie Palmieri. I declined the dinner it was so gorgeous outside I decided to stay at Jack London Square after purchasing a ticket for the show. The concert started at 8:00 PM but at 5:00 PM when I arrived to purchase my ticket there were people waiting in line. The seating is general and these folks were willing to wait in line until 6:00 to get the seats of their choice. I was suppose to reserve a table for four but I wasn't willing to wait in line for a premium seats. So I walked over to the public wharf. I found a comfortable clean bench with a pleasant view of the Marina. I'm always amazed how underutilized Jack London Square is during the week. It's a great space if you're looking for a peaceful place to relax or dine.

I headed back over to Yoshis around 5:45 to reserve a table, the line was longer but workable. But to my disappointment after I entered Yoshi's they wouldn't let me reserve a table unless I had all four tickets. I thought that was ridicules and I tried to create some pseudo reserve signs to save the seats, management/staff remove them and a couple had taken two of the seats. Thankfully, the Karma God was kind that evening we were able to sit together. But no thanks to the staff at Yoshis, so be warned - one person coming early to hold seats doesn't fly unless you have all the tickets this was my experience.

I've seen Eddie Palmieri before and I enjoy Latin-Jazz and Mr Palmieri is one of the best musicians today. His lead vocalist Herman Olivera is sexy and has a beautiful voice. His singing took me back to Africa he has a lot power. Jose Claussell on Timbales brings a joy to his performances that is a pleasure to watch. The guest musician Jimmy Bosch performed with the group. All I will say is power, clarity, and style. Hanging out with my partners was cool we stayed for both sets. The second set people were trying to dance and management was making folks sit down. I think/know Yoshi's is the best place to hear Jazz but the staff Thursday night didn't pop my cork. But the music was right on the money.


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