Thursday, August 19, 2004

Stuck in a server room in Richmond California, I guess the citizens of California tax dollars are being well spent today. I'm in my second office accessing our oldest servers and trying to determine what I can do to keep these relics from falling apart. I'm looking at the server that is ready for cannibalizing the SCSI controller is starting to fail and it's embedded on the motherboard ....oh well. If the server was under warranty I wouldn't worry so much.

As I sit in this windowless room - my mind wanders back to Sunday, the weather was nice gave me a chance to bike ride in Golden Gate Park and that evening I went to Ashkenaz to celebrate with a friend her first full-time teaching position, an opportunity to finally get tenure. She's an incredibly hard worker - I've always admired her direction in life. Someone who loves the arts and has made participating, supporting and scholarship within the arts her life work.

Ashkenaz, was a good place to celebrate, it's one of my favorite places in the Bay Area. Located in Berkeley, it's all-ages, racially-mixed, relaxed, no smoking, wine but no hard liqueur dance club. You can go there and do your thang on the dance floor no pretentions. The music styles vary, on Sunday Fely was performing she's a singer from the Ivory Coast. She's a beautiful young lady who sung in various languages she was accompanied by a seven piece band. Danced, ate cake, socialized and had to call it a night. Work on Monday, now I'm at work living for the weekend.


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