Saturday, August 21, 2004

I've never seen Disney's Mulan but today I saw, The Lady General Hua Mu Lan (1964) this is a Chinese, Opera/musical version of the story of the woman warrior Hua Mu Lan. The movie was being shown at The Four Star's Asian Film Festival. I went with a friend who had an extra ticket - yeah cheapie gets to go free. The actress Ivy Ling Po performance is very good, while I'm not a judge of Chinese Opera technique I found her stylized movements fun and elegant. I read she won a best actress award for her performance. I'm not surprise to find out she was a popular actress. This movie was perfect for Saturday afternoon, Hua Mu Lan character was brave, elegant, patriotic and a feminist. The men were portrayed in a progressive light the songs and movement all worked. When the film ended the audience applauded including me.
It made me feel like a kid again entering a magical world.


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