Sunday, August 01, 2004

I'm leaving the South tomorrow, it's been a trip filled with family, travel, and education of historic proportions. I had never thought of vacationing in South Carolina, now I'm planning to do it again. By coincidence I am reading Harriet Tubman by Catherine Clinton. To my surprise Mrs. Tubman spent time in South Carolina in Beaufort as a nurse, the Sea Islands, and was involved in the attack on at least one the Middleton family Plantations with ex-slaves enlisted as Union soldiers - the Cambahee Raids. She was incredible as a Union soldier, spy, and conductor on the Underground Railroad. Her name was never mentioned once on any South Carolina tour. Reading about Harriet supplemented the trip, it provided knowledge and inspiration.

While we're on the subject of inspiration, I had the pleasure to visit the Rehope Baptist church in Lafayette Alabama. It's nice to attend service at Rehope where family and friends are always present. My mom was raised in this community, while I was raised Catholic in California, Rehope feels like home to me.

I'm not sure if the church is in the city's limits. It's a rural church located on a road named "County Road"

Rehope Baptist Church

Across the road from the church is the Rehope Cemetery where my Grand-parents, Great Grand Parents and other relatives were laid to rest. My Great-Great Grand Parents are buried in another cemetery not very far away, it's hard to accept they were born as slaves.

Rehope cemetery

After service, I visited relatives and had a great southern dinner at my Cousin home. I'll miss it all.


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