Sunday, August 08, 2004

Back in San Francisco, the first couple of days where rough I was tired and I missed the Southern Scene - the Richmond District is a far cry from Alabama. One thing I was happy to see and feel was the fog - humidity be gone.

A course I missed my buddies, on Saturday I was taken out to our neighborhood theatre The Four Star- which sadly may be closing down - hopefully this won't happen.

I call the Four Star my extended den - it's a comfortable neighborhood theatre. It's only two blocks from my apartment so it's an easy stroll home. Their film selection is usually foreign but they also have first runs.

Four Star Theatre

The service is always friendly, one time they were popping a fresh batch of corn and the movie was starting they suggested for me to sit down and they delivered the popcorn very cool very nice.

We went to a midnight triple feature slumber party - featuring Takashi Miike films Fudoh, Ichi the Killer and Vistor Q. We saw the first two but since I was going to the San Jose Jazz festival later that morning we didn't stay for the third film. After Ichi the Killer I was completely awake I've never send such a well made violent film. The imagery was extreme gore, yet the film is very creative, its' themes of male violence and worth within a Yakuza gangster plot mades me want to watch the film again just to attempt to comprehend what the filmmaker is saying.


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