Sunday, July 18, 2004

Yesterday I had the chance to visit Fisk University. It was really exciting to walk on the campus with so much history! A place where the Jubilee Singers, John Hope Franklin and W.E DuBois treaded. The campus has an academic and quaint vibe like a classic liberal arts campus. We visited the Carl Van Vechten Gallery on campus and to my surprise, I was able to see original works by Aaron Douglas. I had no idea he taught at Fisk.

One of my favorite pieces was there for viewing.

Aaron Douglas's - Building More Stately Mansions

I wanted to cruise Jefferson Street, which is the Black commercial center of Nashville but in the process we forgot to see Tennessee State another Historically Black College...next time. I promised my Aunt we would return to Opry Mills for outlet shopping. I was able to listen to the outdoor music program at the Grand Old Opry but my time in Nashville has run out. Next visit I'll delved more into the Country and Western scene.

Drove today from Nashville to Sylacauga, Alabama where my Aunt lives. The drive took around 5 hours. Most of the drive consisted of viewing small southern roadside towns and very lush green woods. It is visually difference from California, I'll have to add a picture soon. On our drive we passed through Huntsville Alabama home of the Redstone Arsenal.

Afterward we drove through Alabama A & M University a predominately Black State college that many of my cousins attended.
It is a nice campus red brick campus with a huge football stadium.
The campus was quiet school is out - I would love to see the campus in full throttle packed with students.

Spent the evening having a home cooked meal from my Aunt and cleaning her computer. She has a cable connection, no functioning virus software or firewall. Still after running Mcafee Stinger, MicroTrend Housecall, Adware 6 and checking her registry she didn't have any major virus just spyware and a Russian Joke program joke_train.a.

I'm impress but I believe it's just a matter of time.


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