Tuesday, July 20, 2004

We headed out late today but we've finally on our way to Savannah and Hilton Head, our route from Sylacauga was I-280 East until we reach Columbus then I-80 East which was the loneliest southern road I've been on. There were no towns, livestock or traffic only the burden of a 55-mile speed limit. I could have easily driven 100 MPH but with prodding, I mean guidance from my car partners I kept my speed down.

Fort Valley, Georgia we're spending the night, our first day driving was a little short. Fort Valley is a predominately Black College town, Fort Valley State University is a Historical Black College a Land Grant College started in 1895

(Wednesday)We stayed at the towns' Days Inn, the room was clean but yuk!!! The pool was gross, the buffet had the coffee from hell and the parking lot had source-less water, which was starting to breed mosquitoes. Day Inns are not great, closer to OK when you're being cheap, but they could at least serve a decent cup of java. After checking out the campus/town - we headed out to Savannah, the drive between Fort Valley and Savannah on I-96 was much more scenic, colorful peach groves graced our view. Fort Valley is located in Peach County - The Georgia peaches brings up memories of delicious fruit and warm peach cobbler hopefully on the way back home we can stop at a roadside farm and enjoy.

We arrived in Savannah around 1:30 PM headed straight to the visitors Center on Martin Luther King Blvd and trolley around Savannah. I'm not one to usually shuttle about town when you can walk but today this was a good choice. Our time was short, it gave us an introduction to the City and what we would like to see later this week. Savannah, my first impression was very good. The town's early architecture is very beautiful and the City has so much history. It was my first visit to an American Colonial City. Savannah also has the first African-American church in America, It was amazing how that little area where the church was located was run-down compare to the other areas visited in the tour. No matter where you travel some things stay the same. On the other-hand, if they redeveloped the area it would probably become completely gentrified - I hope the people of Savannah are diligent about protecting their - our heritage. Enough of my mini rant I'm hoping to visit Savannah at least one more time during these 3 - 4 days. I understand how people fall in love with this town.

After the tour we headed to Hilton Head, my first impression of the island was lukewarm. Hilton Head reminds me of Lake Tahoe on steroids. It's crowded and full of tourist stuff. The beaches better be the bomb - I didn't drive 300+ miles just to shop at another outlet mall. We did had a decent dinner tonight so I'll leave my final judgment for the end of the trip.


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