Thursday, July 08, 2004

Thursday night, well I'm leaving for Las Vegas Friday evening and I should have been at home packing but after French tonight I headed over to The Great American Music Hall to see Maria de Barros. The God daughter of Cesaria Evora. I've seen Cesaria Evora and I wanted to listen to her God Daughters' songs.

The American Music Hall is one of my favorite places to hear music in San Francisco. Located in the Tenderloin neighborhood. It's not too large and has a good dance floor, the acoustics are good, and the architecture is ornate with the feel of old elegance.

Fortunately a friend had comp tickets for tonight show, Maria de Barros set was nice but short (or it felt short) She sung songs from Cape Verde, Latin Ballads and Brazilian standards.

My party buddy was present at the show and he was in a high octane mood, which was very,very good for me! It was great to be dancing on Thursday night. He's a smooth dancer and working on my salsa moves with a cutie was nice. Another nice fact of the evening, for a change a healthy amount of sisters were present and representing.

Love getting those weekends started early...............


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