Friday, July 02, 2004

Thursday night - Friday morning, my guest are gone and I'm still recovering, it's funny how having a child in the home changes so many things. It's amazing that anyone with young children can continue school. My niece requires so much attention that I found studying impossible, I don't know how single parents can do it! You really need a village to raise a child.

Monday after work, we went to the San Francisco Zoo, it was my first visit to the zoo. I have mixed feeling about zoos I'm not convince they are morally correct facilities. I wouldn't want to live on display in a zoo - even to save the species. I think about Ota Benga, the turn of the century African man placed on display in the Bronx Zoo and Saartjie Baartman known as the Venus Hottentot who was displayed in Europe.

Just looking at our primate cousins and seeing their sad faces - I wonder how does this benefit these poor animals. But acourse it's great for my niece to see animals in their pseudo- natural environments, she enjoys it and the play ground in the zoo was a big hit for her. Even with my angst I know - one day I'll return again.

On Tuesday we went to the Randall Museum. It's a nice child friendly museum. They have a small petting zoo with rabbits and chickens, my niece has yet to pet a living animal. Actually, she was terrorize by a chicken. Oh well....we'll keep exposing her ........

After the museum we went to Golden Gate Park to Sharon Meadow's play ground. The children's Play Ground is nirvana for her. She enjoys socializing with her peers and testing all the equipment I also enjoy having an excuse to checkout the slides. We ended the evening in Chevys margaritas for my sister and I - Wednesday to the airport and my guest were gone.

Well, back to normal with some relief and already desiring another family visit.


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