Saturday, July 17, 2004

Spent the morning at the timeshare, picked up the folks in the afternoon and we made our way to Downtown Nashville. I have never driven on such crazy freeways! You have to constantly switch lanes to stay on your Interstate, construction is happening everywhere and some of the offramps just freaked me out.(But a course I kept my cool) Also having family members giving you bad directions doesn't help. But the drivers in Nashville were cool......I take off my hat to the people of Nashville everybody just slowed down a little it really made the difference.

We made it to Downtown Nashville, found parking and strolled on Broadway with its' Cowboy clothing and souvenirs shops. My favorite shop was the Neon
Peanut Cowboy.

On Second street we turned left and entered an entertainment zone. This is the spot everyone goes after the Titan Games for dinner and beer. I believe hardrock was on the corner. I stopped and had lunch at BB Kings Blues Club. Please note if you're looking for a Down Home Blues Club this isn't the place. It's very similar to House of Blues - lunch was fine.

We found the Visitors Center afterward and I was headed toward the Country Music Hall of Fame but we had less than an hour - so we decided to pass. Now it was time to visit with relatives, which was a lot of fun. One of the disadvantages of living in California was not growing up near my relatives. I really enjoy spending an evening with family who grew up with my parents and learning those old stories.


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