Friday, July 16, 2004

Hi everyone, I'm in Nashville Tennessee, County Music USA. I survived my 11-hour transit from the Bay Area. Why such a long flight? Well nothing is free, I had a frequent flyer with United and I had to fly from Oakland to Chicago switch planes and fly to Birmingham (this portion was free). Then I took a Southwest Airline flight from Birmingham to Nashville. My complaint was with Southwest Airlines. I'm not a fan of discount airlines, this is my second flight in a row where I had a bad experience. This time the plane was leaking water or something from the overhead compartment area. It makes you feel nervous to see the ceiling dripping in your plane. With napkins and paper towels sticking into crevices in the overhead compartment nil a word was mentioned by the crew.
Nashville, the weather is a nice change from San Francisco, it's warm but not too humid. I've been very lucky no rain since I arrived. We've staying at a timeshare called theFairfield about half a mile from the Grand Old Opry. We've staying in an area called Opryland Music City. It's a complex with convention center, mall, and resort hotel built around the Grand Old Opry. We're not here for County Music but the AKA National convention. I'm not in the sorority but all my women folks are - it was a sea of pink and green at the Gaylord Opryland Hotel which is impressive since the place is huge. Yesterday, I had the chance to see Yolanda Adams, I'm becoming a fan of gospel/inspiration music in my old age. The concert was very good it's interesting to hear a gospel singer with so much jazz influence. She was preaching, expressing her religious philosophy during the concert... and it worked. I pride myself on my rationalist leanings but her words did make me refect on my spirtuality. Another comment on the concert, she did something I hadn't seen in another concert, all of Yolanda Adams background singers had solos. It was very cool, Yolanda, her band and background singers were kicking it. 


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