Sunday, July 11, 2004

Hey folks I'm in Las Vegas spending the weekend with my dad. The temperature is a hot and breezy 103 degrees, where's my San Francisco fog? Actually, the desert in Las Vegas is quite beautiful and warm nights are rare and far between in San Francisco.

Dad and I have spent the last two days chatting, gambling and checking out the buffets. Hanging out with a local keeps you off the strip. Today we went to JW Marriott Hotel & Rampart Casino Resort at Summerlin I'm not a gambling/casino woman but the Casino is pleasant and the Sunday Brunch buffet was tasty.

Sunday morning my father and I went to the theatre and saw Michael Moore Fahrenheit 9/11. It was the first theatre movie my dad and I have seen together in 20 years. He rarely goes to the movies, my mom usually waits for me.

Moore's movie is powerful, I wish everyone would see the film, even if they don't agree with the politics, the voices within the film need to be heard. Who can forget Lila Lipscomb from Flint Michigan.

I really find it amazing that the film was released so close to the election even with the "R" Rating. Considering the number of negative books published about this administration and films like Control Room being released you have to wonder if debate and discussion is occurring or is this all Preaching to the Choir. I guess the worst case scenario is historians will have a field day with us or pity us.


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