Saturday, July 03, 2004

Friday night - Saturday morning, ok it's Saturday......haven't slept but it feels like a new day. Well, Friday was a busy day for me- workwise but work didn't prevent me from heading out to the Legion of Honor, a classically design museum with beautiful views, to see the Art Deco 1910- 1939 exhibit. The had a Friday evening theme A night in Havanna the evening included Art, music and Mojitos.

The exhibit is a collection of Art Deco items from various disciplines including industrial design, Art Deco influenced cars, cameras, dishes, buildings to Art Deco influence in fashion desigh paintings, music, and graphic design.

Josephine Baker in film and posters was presented within the exhibit. Hence the banana skirt. I have mixed feeling about seeing Josephine Baker performing her

Le Danse de Sauvage
(Dance of the Savage).

Josephine Baker was an activist in her own right but I wonder if my fellow museum goers know anything about her life and accomplishments.


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