Sunday, July 25, 2004

Charleston, South Carolina we really need another day or two to checkout the Historical District and Charleston's sites. Today we did a general tour - saw many of the homes and buildings with their myriad of architectural styles. Greek Revival, Gothic Revival, Colonial, etc. We also went on a Freedom and Slavery tour. I wanted to go on the Gullah Tour but it doesn't run on Sundays. This tour was a walking tour there were only three of us on the tour. Our guide provided a lot information regarding slavery in the Charleston area, the free African Americans, The Brown Society - mix race elite and the political/economic climate in Charleston and how this affected slavery.

The tour guide took us on a gingerly and leisurely pace but the heat was too much, my traveller partners were pooping out. We did make it to Charleston's Market aka - tourist row to buy typical tourist stuff but to also checkout out the sweet basket weavers.

Tomorrow we head back, 7 hours plus of driving, to Alabama, if we wake up on time we're going to the Middleton Plantation.

We'll see how it works out, South Carolina has been a different experience than the other States we have visited. I was really struck with the citizens of Savannah, the folks who lived in the historical district were so helpful and proud. They seemed charmed by their our community. I haven't felt that in Charleston, the city feels tougher and the citizens while polite are not warm. Even the soul folks feel a little cold to me - unlike most places in the South we're friendliness is the norm.


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