Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Tuesday night, I'm still recuperating from the weekend. Actually, I recuperating from poor sleep. I woke myself up this morning snoring, now that's strange....I think it's my head position while sleeping. Hopefully, a little body adjustment will get me sleeping back to normal. I've been waking up tired for two weeks. I'm hoping tonight a new pillow will do the trick.

Sunday I went to a friend's birthday party - afterward I went to see the movie Badaasssss. I have to admit that I didn't like Sweet Sweetback's BAADASSSSS Song when I saw it twenty years ago. I found the imagery confusion, the sexuality unattractive and the plot difficult to follow. But love it or not the film was extremely influential. This film started the 1970's Blaxploitation, black action film movement and while it didn't strike a cord for me - many soul folks responded to the brother winning - beating and escaping from the man. The concept was and is still revolutionary.

Baadasssss, is a film documenting the making a Sweet Sweet Back, watching Van Pebbles dedication to his ideas was inspiring. The film is cool and catches the feelings of the 1970's. Melvin's son Marvin directed the film and unknown to me Marvin was in the original film. For those who don't know Bill Cosby helped finance the film. With the controversy around Bill's statements and African-Americans achievement - what a twist to see him as a financier of a revolutionary/controversial film. I really recommend seeing Baadassss and I'm going to rent the original and watch it again.


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