Monday, June 28, 2004

Sunday night - Monday morning, my visiting niece is still awake, laying on my chaise lounge looking at me smiling, inquisitive wanting my conversation when she should be asleep. Her level of energy is amazing, I would like to exhaust her just one day - but youth prevails again.

This was my birthday this weekend - my sister and niece came to visit from LA. On Saturday to celebrate my birthday I organized a picnic at Stinson Beach. Stinson is an old resort beach town. I chose the location because I like the flexibility of the location which includes a beautiful beach, picnic area and town -- different strokes for folks. It went nicely - the weather was sunny but the beach was windy. I was covered with sand when I arrive home but no complaints from me.

Today, we took my niece to her first jazz concert, we went to Yoshi's in Oakland at Jack London Square. Yoshi has family matinees on Sundays and Dee-Dee Bridgewater with David Sanchez were performing. We arrived about 5 minutes before the show but was able to get good seats because of my niece. Thank-goodness we weren't trying to be late. It just hard coordinating with a toddler. But the show was good
their were many children present and Ms. Bridgewater did a wonderful job. I especially enjoyed her version-rendition of A Night in Tunsia. After the concert we strolled around Jack London Square - the weather was warm and the atmosphere was pleasant. Then we finish the day by going to Fenton Ice Creamery. Love this place it an old fashion straight up Ice Creamery - the Sundae are super-size. Ok I'm a greedy-gut but it's a treat.


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