Sunday, June 20, 2004

Sunday afternoon on Father's Day, called my pop's to wish him a good day I'm planning to visit in June. He's in warm Las Vegas but what happened to San Francisco? Where has the beautiful weather gone? It's Summer solstice today, hopefully, I'll be able to see the sun sometime today.

Last Sunday it was blue skies and warm. I road my bike to Stern Grove to enjoy the first concert of the year and picnic. Regina carter was performing and the Tin Hat Trio. Stern Grove has a free summer music festival annually, the artist are top notch and the location in San Francisco proper is beautiful. Since it's free it's best to arrive early get a good spot and enjoy the day.

I would like to checkout the Juneteenth festival today but this weather is making me homebound. The wind is blowing and moaning. Well I need to exercise and look for the sun, so I'm going to get up and get going.


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