Saturday, June 12, 2004

I'm still purging from my apartment, I can't believe I have collected so much junk through the years. I can honestly say this is my first spring cleaning in 10 years. My sister and niece are coming to visit in two weeks. Hopefully, I'll have the place clean by then, but I doubt it. It's interesting to see the items I've held on to - cards and letters ok. Monthly transit passes from 1999 well that seems a bit excessive. But as I remove these items from my space hopefully it will unburden my place and provide more space for grace.

During the summer San Francisco can be extremely dreary and foggy especially in the Richmond District where I live. Well, blame it on the green house affect but the weather was gorgeous today. Two days in a row on my bicycle hopefully Sunday will make three. I rode both days to the Brava Theater in the Mission District to checkout the San Francisco Black Film Festival. Friday, I saw the film Redemption, it was about Stan Tookie Williams one of the founders of the Crips who while on death row was nominated for the Nobel prize in literture and peace.


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