Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Wednesday - hump day - I was working like a hermit - barely peeping my head out of the server room I was working in. This inspired me to excerise after work. Well I had a planned to see The Revolution will Not be Televised. The documentary about the failed Coup in Venezuela in 2002. The movie was playing at The Red Vic in the Haight. Well I got my excerise by walking to the theater. I live near Golden Gate Park and I had a pleasure but vigorous walk to the theater.

I like the Red Vic, it's a worker owned and operated theater. The house is a second-run and art house light theater. The vibe is pleasant -they have these sofa-pew seats in the front rows for those who want to share a seat. The popcorn comes in bowls - and there's plenty of condiments even yeast.

The Revolution will Not be Televised is a filmmaker's dream - to actually document a failing coup -to be there while it's occurring, to obtain the footage is amazing. It's an exciting timely film - I couldn't help but think about Haiti while watching this film. A successful coup which appears CIA supported (can't we ever be the good guys-sigh) The film is pro Hugo Chevaz true -but I've yet to read anything to explain my Chevaz should be pushed out of power in Venezuela. I do know that anyone who tries to redistribute wealth is treading dangerous territory on this planet.


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