Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Wednesday - French class tonight. I really suck when it comes to pronouncing French but I'm taking this class solely for pleasure. This summer, I'll take French grammer instead of conversation. Hopefully, I'll be really for more language challenges in the fall. I'm taking French for future travels, my dream is to visit France and Mali in 2005 - my goal is to be able to communicate with the people - and pseudo sign language doesn't count. Also, studying French is given me more insights into my own culture. There are plenty of french word usage in America - now I have a chance to pronounce them correctly and understand what I'm tiring to say. It's a totally difference experience than staring at a computer screen all day - those neurons are being used in a fresh way.

The previous two night I went to the San Francisco Film Festival at two different locations Monday at the AMC Kabuki Theatre I saw Dame la Mano a documentary about a Cuban immigrant community in New York City and their love of music and rumba in their lives and how it sustains them - this documentary was very good I really enjoyed the structure of the film. Meeting the people in their day to day lifes and finally spending an evening in the club 'La Esquina Habanera' with them. The music and dancing is great - it works wells.

On Tuesday, I went to the Castro Theatre to see Dans La Nuit a French Silent movie made in 1929. This film had a live musical accompaniment by the Alloy Orchestra. The Castro theatre is the perfect place to see silent movies, the theatre with its' beautiful Art Deco design and The Mighty Wurlitzer organ, - which is played before all movies creates the perfect atomosphere. Dans la Nuit did not pop my cork - the first third was painfully slow for me - I felt the musical arrangement was better than the film for the first third -and the music shouldn't overshadow the movie. The last two thirds when the conflict occurred was better, full of drama and a plot twists but the ending .....oh brother. Where's Germaine Dulac when you need her- it was decent.


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