Thursday, April 08, 2004

Thursday I started the morning listening to Condie Rice - finially the administration let her participate publicly in the 911 Hearings. I was struck how bureacratic she reponded at times - stating Domestic security was the responsibility of the FBI which is true but was the organization given proper direction what about Coleen Rowley why didn't the FBI support her?. I wish someone in the administration's inner circle would do something to make me feel wrong about my perception regarding the Iraq War and our Foreign Policy in general.

The Pacific Film Archives is presenting a program of Charles Burnett films. Tonight they showed, Nat Turner: A Troublesome Property Charles Burnett was also present. Hopefully, everyone knows Nat Turner, the enslaved african who organized a bloody but unsuccessful slave rebellion in Southhampton Virginia.

The film is about how Nat Turner has been interpreted in American Culture and how this interpretation changes to meet the needs of the people of that time. It's an intesting documentary partially because the filmmaker re-enacts- visualizes, books and plays based on the story of Nat Turner. I couldn't help but remember my own supicious adversion to William Styron The Confessions of Nat Turner. I never read the book - assuming if it was embraced by the larger society -that Nat Turners representation would by negative - the film didn't came my youthful assumptions.


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