Thursday, April 15, 2004

Tax Day -well for once I dropped off my taxes before 11:55 PM. Actually, I missed the last minute rush today but I'll get over it. Today was quiet- a working day, I'm trying my hand at some scripting and saying I'm rusty is an understatement. Anyway I left work feeling good , I've been groovin to a very nice CD for the last few days. I went to Yoshis. At .Jack London Square in Oakland. If you don't know Yoshi is the best Jazz club in the bay area. It's comfortable and the acoustics are excellent I went on a lark and good graces were with me Larry Vuckovick Young at Heart Band, YAH was jamming. It's a group of primarily senior musicians, the music they played was Jazz Big Band classics like a Night in Tunsia by Dizzy Gillespie Latin and Balkan favored jazz. The music was upbeat and tight. My good buddy purchased YAH new album Reunion with Jon Hendricks
Listening to it reminds me how much I appreciate Jazz.

The intelligence and elegance of the music is a joy


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