Sunday, April 04, 2004

Sunday, Daylight savings Time. I hate losing one hour of sleep but I love gaining the longer days. The outdoors is calling my name. Sunday I went Condo Shopping - checking out Open Houses. Saw one place I was thinking about bidding on - but in its' disclosures it was disclosed the property is in a liquidification zone. It's bad enough to live in San Francisco - but living in a liquefaction zone is scary too me.
I want the soil under my property to stay soil. I don't know - for $345,000 what do I expect - not much in San Francisco.

This evening I hooked up with a buddy and saw SHAOLIN SOCCER at the Lumiere in San Francisco. OK, let me start by saying that I have a long tradition of enjoying Hong Kong Action and Fantasy Films. I've watched The Killer, Legend of Fist, Chinese Ghost Story, Swordman II, The East is Red and the Iron Monkey just to name a few I was enjoying these films way before Crouching Tiger. So Shaolin Soccer should be a natural choice for me right -wrong. I'm just starting to learn a little about socceer and I'm only a so-so fan of Chinese comedies. But this film works - it's funny, clever,and entertaining. I went to the 9:45 PM show - I stepped in tired - left wide awake.


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