Sunday, April 18, 2004

April 18th - wet and cool in San Francisco - but the wet weather was not going to cramp my style. Today, I had the chance to see the movie Dogville.. I wanted see the film for two reasons, the film has been criticized as being anti-american, and it was shot in video. The American criticism is a little strange to me - I felt the condition presented in the film dealt more with the human condition - it's just Americans are sinners like everyone else. And acourse we have the resources to make a sins very big. Regardng the video, when I first watched movies shot in video I found the textures of the image not as aesthetically pleasing as film. So watching filmmakers now use the strength of video is exciting. Third reason, Nichole Kidman is also in the film - with many good actors/actresses - ok I like Nichole.

From reading reviews on the film I knew I would either love or hate the movie. Well, I fall on the love side. Dogville, challenges it's viewer on several levels. FIrst is the length approximately 3 hours - for me it was a quick three! Second is the set design - which is beyond bare - the Town is presented as a outlined in white on the flat, dark stage, that resembles a chalk drawing on a blackboard. Everything and everyone is constantly exposed - when I the film started I felt like I was watching a play - the dialog with it's structure and candence felt very theatrical. But as the tale goes on - I felt the director Lars von Trier was challenging his audience and I appreciated the challenge. Yeah the film isn't perfect but what film is????

After Dogville, I strolled down to Japan Town where the Annual Cherry Blossom Festival is happening. It's a great stop for foods, music and exhibits.


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