Sunday, March 28, 2004

Yawn...again....I may have to rename myself the late night blogger. These long days are cramping my style. But I can't complain, I spent the day working overtime and the extra money is needed. The work is cool upgrading a server, adding multiple hard drives, updating firmware and migration data, so far so good, I didn't have any problems. Hopefully, I'll finish the work later this Sunday morning. Tonight I went out - but I want to talk about Friday night. Friday evening I went to the Marsh Theatre in San Francisco. It's a performance space in the Mission District in San Francisco. While the Mission has lost some of it's old funk because to gentrification. It's still one of the most lively neighborhoods in the city.

I grabbed a burrito at my favorite Taquiera El Torro Taquieria and headed over to The Marsh to see The Fula from America: An African Journey. The performance piece is a solo work by Carlyle Brown
The performance is based on a true story of the artist's travels in Africa, his search for indentify, his discoveries and resolutions. While I enjoyed Brown performance piece - I found the ending saddening - even while honest from the artist. Accompanied by a fine theatre partner who provided good discussion and inebriants after the program I would have appreciated more conversations partners about this piece.

There weren't too many Afro soul folks at the performance, including the artist, I believe there were 4 of us. I can only encourage people to come out and support the arts. There are always so many complaints about the images the media put out defining our image. Well I believe one of the best way to counter this is to support works from various artists & entertainers supporting them in their quest to tell us their stories, our stories, shariing knowledge or escapist entertainment. (Good-night)


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