Friday, March 26, 2004

Yawn, I'm tired.....Nothing like a dramatic yawn to get the readers going. It's late but instead of bed I'm on the blog. March 25 is the birthday of a good friend of mine and this evening after work the night was on me (specificially on my credit card) We went to Biscuits and Blues tonight. Biscuit and
Blues is a club dedicated to showcasing Blues artist. The club is downtown near Union Square so this is not a down home blues joint. B & B is located downtown I'm not sure how many locals visit - I always think there are a lot of tourist enjoying the music there. But I did recognize some regulars tonight. Big Jack Johnson was performing - his band was tight and he's a wonderful guitarist. He music was a collection of bluesy songs from slow jams like "Since my baby left me" to a funky-bluesy version of Soul Finger.


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