Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Wednesday....Caesar Chavez holiday, thank goodness - I needed a break from work and folks we do need to think about the struggles and accomplishments of the Farm Laborers movement which Mr. Chavez was instrumental.

I spent half the day cleaning my apartment and the other half in the movies. I went to The Balboa Theater in San Francisco. The Balboa is a neighborhood second run/art house theater which always shows double features. It's a cool place, but don't there planning to sneak into another screen and spend the day watching 4 movies. I actually saw the workers call out two people. One a 60+ lady for not paying an another younger lady for trying to walk into another screen. I believe both people were innocent - but a small theater really can not allow these type of disgressions. So more power to them.

What did I watch, Mystic River and The Station Agent.
Movie-wise The Station Agent was by far my favorite between the two. It's a quiet movie about people working through their personal pains and developing friendships. I enjoyed Patricia Clarkson performance, I saw her in Pieces of April last year and thought she was great. The film also deals with prejudice, how people can deal it out on purpose or not and how the victim of prejudice can internalize the pain from their experience.

Mystic River.........well.........the movie lost me in the last 10 minutes. After watching the movie I thought the plot was dumb sorry. I'm sure if I watch it a second time I'll catch more of the symbolism -something I didn't see or a subplot I didn't appreciate the first time. But I'm not sure the film is worth a second watch. I saw the movie with a girlfriend and our reaction were similar. I really thought Mystic River was super-hype as a industry insider film. Being directed by Client Eastwood and the A list of stars performing in the film gave the film more of a nod than it deserves.


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