Sunday, March 28, 2004

Sunday evening..night time is the blogging time....well my Sunday OT work took most of the day. But I didn't have any major problems. Working in a room with no windows for 8 hours isn't my idea of fun but it's what I do. I'll probably do it again next weekend. After work today, I was too burnt to checkout Thieves in the Temple The Reclaiming of Hip Hop Performance a piece showing at the Oakland Box.

But Saturday night, a friend and I ventured to Berkeley went to Cal Performances at Zellerbach Hall and saw Nederlands Dans Theater I.

The Nederlands Dans Theater is a dance troupe that performs modern and ballet and fuses the two traditions. When I first started watching the performance I wondered if I was going to enjoy it. But I was quickly struck with the beauty of their dance and the power and skill of the dancers. Watching modern dance is always challenging for me. I'm always trying to interpret the piece - understand the language - in a similar manner to understanding the language of film or literature. There were three pieces and the second piece was the most experimental. The piece included a mobile video monitor and a rotating mirror which during the performance would reflex the dancers and their video image.


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