Saturday, March 20, 2004

March 20th a National Day of Protest Against the War in Iraq. I was planning to March today, participating is the least I can do to show my disapproval of the War. But instead of marching I decided to hang out with a good friend who I rarely see. To register my disapproval I'll used another democratic tactic the ballot and financial donations are topping my list. Wanna see what happened in San Francisco during the protest checkout the photo link.

So where did I go today? Well, in the spirit of the day I hopped on Bart and rode to the City of Richmond. It was a very mellow ride, I had a car to myself almost the whole trip. Good for me not for transit revenue. Next stop was the Festival of Middle Eastern Dance Rakkasah. The festival is in it's 24th year, a three day event - it includes classes, a market place which has everything you can image, dance performances are performed during the day in multiple locations and information on learninng Middle Eastern dance styles and other fasinating facts abound. The energy is good- the folks at the event are friendly and relaxed. It great seeing woman of all shape, sizes and ages so comfortable with their bodies - many belly dancers were in the house. As a non dancer I felt the comraderie it was nice. Talking about dancers one of the best I saw was Suzanna Del Vecchio she is a wonderful bellydancer with incredible control of her stomach muscle - she quiet the audience with her dancing.


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