Thursday, March 25, 2004

It's Wednesday night - Thursday morning...i should be in bed resting for another exciting day at work but the blog called my name. Today at work I made an effort to listen to the 911 Commission. Richard Clark - really made an impression on me - he was the only person to apologize to the families victimized by the 911 attacks. He is a hard core right winger but obliviously a man of integrity. It's good to see a person in government trying to do his job - but between the politicians and uncaring bureaucrats it's amazing anything gets done.

Hey Connie we missed you at the hearings sista were you crusin on your tanker?- where's the love? -tell Chervon we said hi.

Yesterday Tuesday night I went to the Istituto Italiano di Cultura, San Francisco again to see a Dario Argento film. The Bird with the crystal Plumage.. I want to say the curator Sirietta Simoncini did a wonderful job with her presentation on italian Horror Cinema. Her introduction compels me to view more of the films and learn more the genre. I have a soft spot for B-Movies. The movies series was also free. This in expensive San Francisco is a treat!

Argento is considered one of Italy's best horror directors. What strikes me about Argento work- is the terror he is able to portray in his victims in his films. Watching a women collapse into an immobile state of fear and resolution is frighten. When I saw Suspira - I was struck by the creepiness on the film. Some of this creepiness is evident in Bird - but the story is full of twist, murders, and style. The plot had the twist of Hitchcock but the terror of his actors stands alone.


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