Monday, March 22, 2004

It's Monday.........you're tax dollars were well used today. I worked without lunch or a break and after a hard day work it's movie time. Off I went with lunch still in my purse. San Francisco has several organizations dedicated to promoting ethnic cultures. Today I went to the Instituto Italiano di Cultura of San Francisco. It was my first time visiting the Institute, the environment was pleasant and I found people friendly. For those interested in Italian Culture, books and videos were accessible just strolling. The Institute is presenting a program of Italian Cult Horror and thriller films. I watched Lucio Fulci 's Don't Torture a Duckling.

Ok, I know it's a strange title for a film but Duckling is interesting. In an Italian Village - boys are being killed. The villagers are willing to punish all the usual suspects it's too bad their judgement is tainted with ignorance and provincialism. We have the police and a journalist searching for the murder(s)? Whose doing it and why? The film has it gore - but the voilence was more powerful for me. What's really interesting is the filmmaker makes a critique of community and influencing forces. One thing I have to say about Fulci is he is well known for Gore - he made several Zombie films (City of the Dead and Zombie) to name of few -which are known for their gore.

After watching mindless American horror of late - seeing plot and perspective in horror is a treat.


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